Letter from Analy High School Principal, Raul Guerrero - 25 Sections Cut School Year 2018-2019

February, 2018

Dear Friends and Supporters of Analy High School:

The 2017-2018 school year has bestowed many accolades and challenges on the Analy High School community.  In October, many of our staff, students and families experienced the wrath of the Sonoma County firestorm; some lost their homes and some suffered severe smoke damage but all   rallied in support of friends, family, and total strangers demonstrating yet again, what it means to be an Analy High School Tiger.

Through it all, commitment to our students and staff never waivered.  When Analy High School re-opened after a week of school closure, our students continued their quest for academic excellence in a safe and supportive learning environment provided by our staff.  Though many lives had forever changed, a sense of normalcy had returned to our campus.

In the four, short months since the fires, we have seen Sonoma County begin to rebuild as our students focus on the 2nd semester in academics and electives.  Many of our seniors have received “Early Acceptance” letters from the college of their choice and several of our Ag students have received their State Degrees; one student is also currently serving as a Sectional Officer which incorporates nine additional FFA sections.  Our Choir and Band Program once again supported students who were selected to participate in the NorCal Honor Choir and Honor Band Programs and our Chamber Choir received their first ever invitation to the highly prestigious Golden State Competition in late April.  The Analy Theatre Arts students are rehearsing for the Spring Musical,

“Once Upon a Mattress” and our Video Arts students are applying their creativity in preparation for the

Annual Video Festival in late April.  Our Speech and Debate Program was recently recognized by the National Speech and Debate Association as the recipient of the 2016-2017 Leading Chapter Award for the Bay Area District.  AP students are preparing for rigorous, college level AP tests in May with the desire of maintaining or improving the current Analy High School pass rate of 72.5% (national average pass rate is 22%).  We also proudly recognize 11th grade students who have consistently met or exceeded the pass rates of the CAASPP in English and Math, posting some of the highest scores in Sonoma County.

Resilience, the ability to overcome obstacles, and a tremendous sense of community are in the heart of every Analy High School Tiger; past, present, and future.  Together, we can overcome even the most difficult adversities.

Analy High School is facing some of the most daunting challenges in our recent history.  The West Sonoma County Union High School District must      cut $1.2 million dollars from their $24 million dollar budget for the 2018-2019 school year.  Though these cuts will be spread throughout the District, as the largest comprehensive high school in the District, Analy High School will lose the most, including 25 section reductions in the following areas of academics and electives:

  • 1 section of English
  • 2 sections of Math
  • 7 sections of Freshman Social Studies
  • 4 sections of Science
  • 1 section of Physical Education
  • 2 sections of French
  • 4 sections of Video
  • 1 section of Culinary Arts
  • 1 section of Band
  • 1 section of Choir
  • 1 section of Floral Design


The District budget shortfall is in direct correlation to state budget cuts and declining student enrollment in our area.  Though student enrollment has declined in the past few years due to the inability of young families to purchase homes and raise their families in West County, our inter-district transfer enrollments have increased as families throughout Sonoma County seek the standard of excellence Analy High School maintains.

As Tigers, you can help us fight this fight and save some of our invaluable programs and staff!  The Analy High School Education Foundation is hosting its’ Annual Pledge Drive.  You can make a difference by supporting this vital Pledge Drive benefiting Analy High School programs.  In the past, this pledge drive has funded sections but this year, your support is absolutely crucial,        or without it, we will have no choice     but to cut the above mentioned sections.

Funding a section is approximately $20,000.00 and that’s why we are urging each of you to contribute what you can to the AHSEF Annual Pledge Drive.  It is our hope that each family, alumni, and Analy High School supporter reading this will contribute $100.00 or more to the Pledge Drive.  We understand that for some, a large contribution may not be possible and request that you contribute whatever you can in an effort to save these programs and sections.

All donations are tax deductible and may be made by check payable to: Analy High School Education Foundation (AHSEF) and mailed to 6950 Analy Ave., Sebastopol, CA 95472 or by credit card.  To pay by card, please visit the Analy High School Education Foundation website at www.analyedfoundation.org and click the “    DONATE”    button.   

Your continuous, unwavering support for Analy High School is deeply appreciated by staff and students alike.  We strive to continue the pursuit of academic excellence and thank you for your consideration in support of this vital fundraiser.  We are proud to be Analy High School Tigers! 


Raul Guerrero

Principal Analy High School